Concernant l'expert judiciaire « … avec lui, tout le monde est discernant », alors là c'est pratique! Encore un dysfonctionnement de la justice dont on parle peu. Ou comment l'idéologie prend le pas sur le réalisme. Une fois de plus.

Le prix du est passé sous la barre des 40 000 dollars avant de remonter quelques heures plus tard. Ces variations amènent à se demander quel sera le prix de cette dans 10 ans ? Nombreux sont les investisseurs de la à se poser la question.

Trying to buy out a dumper for one of my favorite on Freiexchange.com. Frei ("fry") is low volume, no kyc, based in Norway. They have a good selection of low cap alts, many from one of my favorite era's, the 2013-14, when was crypto for crypto's sake. Blockchain was exploding and thousands were educating themselves on the tech, and many ideas were tested and failed. It was a lot of fun.
I do enjoy Freiexchange.
But this dumper is pissing me off.

As an early (2011) and adopter, I've dodged many exchange hacks and exit scams, and seen too many shitcoins delisted or extorted by centralized exchanges.
So today I'm trying (atomicdex.io) which is both a noncustodial wallet with over 200 utxo coins and major token ecosystems. AND GET THIS -- it is also a functional DEX exchange!! The experience is like a CEX.
And AtomicDex actually works!!
All they need now is a little liquidity.
You haveta to try it.

J'ai aussi un système de notes internes basé sur un depuis 2017, sur le même principe : pas de base de données mais des fichiers texte sauvegardés par FTP. Aussi simple que ça. Je ne mets pas d'image, c'est vraiment que du texte. Ce qui demande un petit effort au démarrage certes, mais après c'est redoutable pour faire des recherches sur ses propres notes. 😀

The people should take care, because Wax Studio has just launched a new game based on called Brawlers that claims to be much safer.


If it was like a monotheism religion like you said, it would just be about . But it is not, there is a lot of other cryptocurrencies like for exemple. 😆

A lot of real world problems, a better business model and an economic structure for all of us. Simple like that.


Les rapprochements et partenariats sur la avec les institutionnels sont très importants pour faire avancer le sujet .🤝

An open letter to Coinbase about . They should absolutely list HBAR. But they don't. 🙃

Hum. Not sure about Pluto Digital. Remembering Pluto Booster last year...

Looking for some explanation ? Check out the Matt Chase's channel. Great content as always.

There is a subreddit called r/Hedera talking about where you can interact with people. I am actually following their posting and commenting.


A Mastodon instance specially created for shitcoiners, fud preventers, nft hodlers and so called crypto ogs!