If ever needed a cleansing, it is now. Destroy all weak hands.

5 years ago, Bitcoin peaked at $20k.
This cycle it bottoms around that level.

I have small amount at Gemini where I gamble. 30 days ago I sold for cash and took a nice little loss that I can use on taxes next year. Basically zeroed me out for my genius 2022 gains.
Tomorrow according to wash rules, I can buy my Bitcoin back. I sold at $32k, so this might work in my favor tomorrow.
Anyway, trading is stupid. I know that. I know I'm gambling, but again -- its how I hope between all-time-highs. Works for me, anyway.

Still here. Just waiting for the next moon. I've been here many times. My coping mechanism is to party like hell on the way up, and then sleep off the hangover on the way down.

I've done well in Bitcoin precisely because I don't kid myself into thinking I'm some kind of big time crypto trader. I just , through good times and bad. When I trade, I lose money, so I hodl. When I listen to experts, and read tea leaf charts, I lose money. or when I invest. I lose money. So I just .

i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

I have 2 btc that I actively trade at Kraken for fun. In at 44, but I got sad and dropped at $31k.
I am my own best bottom signal.

90% of active accounts are bots?
That seems low to me.

peeps, truly sorry for your loss. It always hurts to lose your . The 'class of 2013' crypto frenzy had lots of stranded & fucked up blockchains and incredible numbers of exchange hacks that wiped out value. It hurts bad but its a good lesson that can make you stronger, even while the self righteous scolders gain false confident in their own investing abilities. Learn from this. Do an autopsy to see where your diligence was lax, and which warnings you missed. Then try again.

Over the years, I've been through many crashes. I'm resolved to them. When I bought my first Bitcoin, it crashed almost immediately. But I hodl'ed on and over the years it changed my life.
My crypto experience is irrelevant to yours, of course; I realize that after a decade of hodl'ing, I have a much higher pain threshold than most. Still, if you ask me for advice, I would say: put your crypto where its safe, yet hard to spend, and check back in a year. Fuck the day to day.

Bitcoin is on sale, but many people are unhappy about it.
The sale will end soon and then those people will be happy to buy Bitcoin.

I really like trading crypto with AtomicDex.io wallet. Its my new favorite multicoin wallet, and comes with a built-in kyc-free p2p exchange.
Completely noncustodial atomic trades.

Trying to buy out a dumper for one of my favorite on Freiexchange.com. Frei ("fry") is low volume, no kyc, based in Norway. They have a good selection of low cap alts, many from one of my favorite era's, the 2013-14, when was crypto for crypto's sake. Blockchain was exploding and thousands were educating themselves on the tech, and many ideas were tested and failed. It was a lot of fun.
I do enjoy Freiexchange.
But this dumper is pissing me off.

? More like Bored . Bored millionaires, or wanna be millionaires, or momentary millionaires, waiting for ath to set them free again.
Meanwhile, !

My brother said can't be used as a currency. I had him download wallet. Literally, it was less than a minute from downloading Muun that he received the 500 SATs I sent, for a fee so tiny it can't be measured in pennies.
He was impressed.
Go, !

We ported 's to Unobtanium, $Uno. Why? Just because we fucking could, that's why.

Testnet is running fine.

As an early (2011) and adopter, I've dodged many exchange hacks and exit scams, and seen too many shitcoins delisted or extorted by centralized exchanges.
So today I'm trying (atomicdex.io) which is both a noncustodial wallet with over 200 utxo coins and major token ecosystems. AND GET THIS -- it is also a functional DEX exchange!! The experience is like a CEX.
And AtomicDex actually works!!
All they need now is a little liquidity.
You haveta to try it.

I'm not a book learner. I learn best and easiest while doing things.

Actually, scratch that.
I learn best by setting out to do something, failing at it, and then trying and trying until I get it right, or until I come up with something more interesting (more interesting to me, that is).

You'd be forgiven for thinking there is no capability in , but you'd be wrong. enables active niche communities trading the oldest (and new) NFT tokens on BTC. Its more FOSS than VC driven web3 thing. Still, its powerful. Some of the oldest NFT's were made on Bitcoin/Counterparty and are now highly collectible.
Maybe not as as flashy yet as the shit on OpenSea, but don't count Bitcoin out of the non-fungy game, Not yet.

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