🏁 Closed trade 30.83% 🏁
ALCX_LONG_3x with an exit at $287.5!
Trade was active for 1 days. They've said.. take some profit with you! Even if this broke out here i can see it once go back first again. $ALCX

πŸ”₯ New trade πŸ”₯
BTC_LONG_5x with an entry at $40645.61!
lets get this bread! Low lev long with tight s/l. $BTC

πŸ”₯ New trade πŸ”₯
ALCX_LONG_3x with an entry at $270.8!
could be a nice buy/long here but its mainly up to $BTC how far down we will still go from here.. tight s/l or additional bids definitely needed! $ALCX

πŸ“ˆ Update trade πŸ“‰
still slowly and steadily rising.. volume and market interest still missing but a nice asset to buy for hodlers.. clean close below here (at least 60) is s/l.. when this one will pump then it will be definitely a nice pump! $GO

πŸ“‘ Information πŸ“‘
Looks like $BTC is forming its ltf range here.. break of the falling white dashed line would indicate a ltf trend reversal.. otherwise patience is the key!

πŸ“‘ Information πŸ“‘
$YFI still holding nice up there at the resistance. I would love to see it dumping once more to the 4h EMA before the price is aiming for over 1 $BTC again.

πŸ“ Post trade πŸ“
Quite solid take profit call for here.. still waiting for the price to touch the 4h EMA (preferably 100 but 200 up to $BTC) support. $ATOM

πŸ“‘ Information πŸ“‘
Is it soon time for $IOTA to run it like $CRV? Spot buying here around 2500 sats could be a nice low risk:reward trade. Safe play would be to wait for $BTC move next week. $MIOTA

πŸ“‘ Information πŸ“‘
$ZRX looks boring at the first sight but it could be interesting for the next few weeks.. some crypto asset for the watchlist! Spot buy now is definitely a low risk here.

πŸ“‘ Information πŸ“‘
broke out of its downtrend.. if it dips back to ~51k then its probably a nice idea to spot buy or to low lev long it! $LINK

πŸ“Š Pre trade πŸ”
$IOTA looks primed and nice to buy/add spot to hodl! if the price holds the current bullish EMA cross on D (above 2500 sats) then expect to see the low time frame uptrend to continue!

πŸ“ Post trade πŸ“
This was DEFINITELY a good decision to close the trade in loss. $LUNA

πŸ“ˆ Update trade πŸ“‰
Ltf view.. we are back at the entry level but the recent breakout of the December low is a nice indicator that it will definitely go higher in short-term. $COMP

πŸ“Š Pre trade πŸ”
Nice top call and close up here!
If $ETH handles to build a ltf bottom here then there is a high chance of building a flag above May/Sep 2020 highs which would be bullish otherwise ~0.071 next target.

πŸ“‘ Information πŸ“‘
Keep an eye on $BAL especially now when the rest is dumping hand in hand with $BTC.. nice floor builded + breakout of the lows.. spot buy here is definitely nice move.

πŸ“‘ Information πŸ“‘
$BTC reaches its next support soon.. falling dashed line pattern will be also tighter and tighter.. fib levels fit too so i expect at least a ltf trend reversal here at ~40k soon.

🏁 Closed trade 30.49% 🏁
VET_LONG_5x with an exit at $0.094756!
Trade was active for 0 days. Took profit yesterday.. thankfully right before the dump. $VET

🏁 Closed trade -28.27% 🏁
BTC_LONG_5x with an exit at $45900!
Trade was active for 26 days. Clean bearish close yesterday.. stopped out. $BTC

πŸ”₯ New trade πŸ”₯
VET_LONG_5x with an entry at $0.08931 and stop-loss at $0.08577!
Great bottom support! Possible double bottom printed.. white line important for trend reversal.. announcement of $VeUSD is great too! $VET

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