SEC commissioner Hester Peirce calls for 'legal clarity and the freedom to experiment' for DeFi

New trade: ALGO/BTC with an entry at ₿0.00002329! Algorand completely retraced its first bigger pump and is now sitting on the new support which was the resistance before the pump.. great risk:reward entry here again. $ALGO

New trade: OGN/BTC with an entry at ₿0.00000694! Great risk:reward trade here! $OGN is currently sitting on a s/r and its continuously rising.. next key level and probably take profit area would be around 1.7k sats. $OGN

New trade: ROOM/USD with an entry at $3.049! Just an accumulation of a newer asset.. not sure if it brings some nice gains in short-term but definitely in the longer term. $ROOM

New trade: GXC/BTC with an entry at ₿0.00001172! Awesome risk:reward trade here.. volume is also already increasing.. this looks so primed and its just a matter of time when it pumps for a x2 but the first real target is at least at 4.5k sats. $GXC

New trade: NMR/BTC with an entry at ₿0.00093500! Entry below of 0.0009 would be of course better but this looks already primed for a take off soon! $NMR

New trade: MAHA/USD with an entry at $12.11! Mid-term trade.. something to hodl for a while! A good buy is between $12 and $9. $MAHA

New trade: RUNE/BTC with an entry at ₿0.00008984! Not an easy trade here but just follow the htf trend.. be careful when it closes under the rising dashed white line because then a dump at least to the red dashed lined could happen fast first. $RUNE

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