📑 Information 📑
$BTC couldn't break the upper mid range resistance (52.6k) back then but its forming a bullish wedge on HTF now! if 43.4k holds today then i would see 46k first.. 40k was the floor until now and i think that we don't really go much lower in worst case = higher low since 30k bottom.

📈 Update trade 📉
$ALGO could be neat here again! definitely needs to hold the current s/r. i want to see it breaking 7.5k sats in mid-term! $ALGO

📈 Update trade 📉
$ATOM finally reached the ltf range high of 0.00075 and it still looks really nice to go for more! $ATOM

📑 Information 📑
$BTC im focusing on the ascending triangle here.. little pull back on Monday and then rocket pump back to >$60k?

📊 Pre trade 🔍
$OXT all latest at the breakout of this falling dashed line is a buy!

📊 Pre trade 🔍
Would you buy $DOGE here? Looks like it is accumulating under the range mid s/r.. break of ~615 sats would be bullish in my mind.

📈 Update trade 📉
$ATOM moving great here in the recent few days! Possible to see 0.00075 soon and hopefully a break of it! $ATOM

🔥 New trade 🔥
ETC/BTC with an entry at ₿0.001324!
Nice long consolidation up there.. time to move up again! $ETC

📈 Update trade 📉
Beautiful bull flag and breakout.. remember when $BTC maxis called the bottom in late May? lmao. $ETH

📈 Update trade 📉
This was definitely one of my worst calls in 2021.. but we are back at the long-term support.. easy buy here! $QSP

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