$ATOM target reached.. but with this massive volume increase i dont think that this was the top here.

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$ADA is already on a moon mission but it could be possible that we will range here for a while.

$FSN a Huobi special.. i wouldn't hold it much lower than 5k but i think that we will see 7-8k here first.

$ARK post trading thread view and next target.. i would aim for something like this with and entry approximately here.

$TOMO my bets here are like this.. boring July and then at least 8k into Sept/Oct.

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$BAND continue thread for twitter.com/proofof_cash/statu
looks like that we will continue probably in a blue way.. flat volume since ATH.. i mean we lost like -50% since this high and it looks like that most bagholders are still hodling.

$OMG still holding this level here.. really low volume which could indicate another go?
i won't trade this but if i would then <16k would be my entry for trying this.

$ATOM well.. we got this here.
could dip earlier.. but mid-term view would be something like this.

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$WAN and similar shitcoins with this building are safer to play.

$RVN entry was "risky" (with s/l) but it wasnt ready yet.. still on my watchlist but ive no position here yet.. just a matter of time until this follows the rest.

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$QLC breaking and successfully testing this orange s/r could be really interesting here.

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